I'm The Captain of The Broomstick Cavalry
Words and Music by Carrie Jacobs-Bond
Published 1890 by W.F. Chandler,
1900 by CJB & Sons

[Verse 1]
O ma-ma is so sad It real-ly is too bad
But pa-pa true-ly had to go and fight
And when I am a man I will go, too, if I can
'Cause my pa-pa says "a sold-ier is all right!"

Say! don't you think you'd like to be a sold-ier?
A sold-ier in a u-ni-form of blue!
With a cap and cape so bright
But-tons shine like stars at night
And a pock-et full of bul-lets, good-ness me!

Ma-ma says that I real-ly am her sold-ier
And the brav-est sold-ier that she ev-er knew!
From the foe I'll nev-er run, you will find me with my gun
I'm the cap-tain of the Broom-stick Cav-al-ry!

[Verse 2]
They were march-ing down the street
In their u-ni-forms so neat
and I shout-ed when I saw my pa-pa come
But my ma-ma's eyes were wet
(I can see her cry-ing yet)
As the sold-iers marched a-way with fife and drum

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 3]
But the drums no more I hear,
And I am a-fraid I fear
My pa-pa's going a-way to die,
may-be But I'll not tell ma-ma
so I'm her "sol-dier man," you know!
And a "sol-dier man" is cheer-ful, just like me!

[Repeat chorus]