Music by W.C. Polla
Words by Jean LeFavre
Published 1919 by C.C. Church & Co.

[Verse 1]
Life can be so happy, And be so dreary too.
For pals may come and pals may go
Now I have lost you, Partner of my sorrows,
When the world looked blue No joys seemed worthwhile unless,
I shared them with you too.

Buddy, I want you Buddy my heart's lonely too,
Buddy, my pal I miss you.
There is nothing I wouldn't do.
In dreams your sweet face always haunts me.
In life your absence only taunts me.
Buddy make life worth while,
Oh! Buddy do.

[Verse 2]
Pal, there's one who's waiting, One who is true to you.
For I will never doubt your heart I'll be always true,
Mountains will not stop me, If you call to me,
Clouds will scatter, sun will shine,
Regrets will cease to be.

[Repeat Chorus]