All Aboard For Blanket Bay
Composer: Music by Harry Von Tilzer
Lyricist: Words by Andrew B. Sterling
Publication 1910 by Harry Von Tilzer Music Co.

[Verse 1]
There's a ship sails away at the close of each day,
Sails away to the land of dreams
Mama's little boy Blue, is the Captain and crew,
Of this wonderful ship Called the "White Pillow Slip,"

When the day's play is o'er, and the toys on the floor
Cast aside by a little brown hand.
Mama hugs him up tight Papa whispers good night
Little sailor boy sail into sweet slumber land.

All aboard for Blanket Bay
Won't come back 'till the break of day
Roll him 'round in his little white sheet
'Till you can't see his little bare feet.

Then you tuck him up in his trundle bed,
Ship ahoy little sleepy head
Bless Mama, bless Papa and sail away
All aboard for Blanket Bay.

[Verse 2]
There was one night the ship took a wonderful trip,
And the Captain came home next day With his little voice hushed,
And his little face flushed, From a fever he'd caught
In the Slumberland Port And they watched by his bed,

'till the old doctor said He's asleep danger's past come away
Mama kissed her boy Blue Papa hugged him up too
There were tears in his eyes as he sang Blanket Bay

[Repeat Chorus]