Music by C. Lucky Roberts
Words by Lester A. Walton
Published 1917 by Walton Pub. Co.

[Verse 1]
Tommy Atkins is a warrior bold,
Merrie England loves him more than gold,
And to France the hero of today,
is fighting in the trenches miles away,

Now Billy Boy has gone across the sea,
to help them in their fight for Liberty.

Billy Boy, Billy Boy you're a soldier of renown,
Billy Boy,Billy Boy in a uniform of brown,
What a grand old sight,As you battle for the right,

Billy Boy, Billy Boy with a heart so fond and true,
for the Red,White and Blue, you are loyal thro' and thro'
you put the "Brave" in Bravery, you are my pride and joy,

Now let the bugle blow, come on come on let's go,
"Atta boy" my Billy Boy.

[Verse 2]
There is Russia with a mighty host,
Of her sturdy cossacks she can boast,
And for valor no one can forget,
those fearless Belgian lads who're fighting yet,

Now Billy Boy it's put right up to you,
to help them win so show what you can do.