Music by Harry Von Tilzer
Words by Wm. Dillon
Published 1911 by Harry Von Tilzer Music Pub. Co.

[Verse 1]
Hello Central,Hello Central,Give me 6 0 3
Please don't keep me waiting here,
want to talk with Georgie dear,
Hello Georgie,Hello Georgie goodness gracious me,
Well now at last I've got you dear, This is your Marie.
I've been trying hard all day to get you on the phone to say:

I'm All alone, All alone, nobody here but me,
Parlor's nice and cozy Ev'rything is rosy
We'll have lots of hurry up and get here honey,

Take a car, it's not far, my time is all my own,
Hurry up there's something missing,
We'll have lots of kissing Pa and ma have left me all alone.

[Verse 2]
Hello Georgie, Hello Georgie, Can't come out tonight,
I don't want to see a show, dinner?
Goodness gracious no, Do not coax me it provokes me
nothing you can say Will get me to come out tonight,
Home I'm going to stay.
Want you to come right up here
and show me how you love me dear.

[Repeat Chorus]