Aggravatin' Papa
By Roy Turk, J. Russel Robinson & Andy Britt
Original Publication 1922 by Waterson Berlin & Snyder Co.

[Verse 1]
I know a triflin' man, They call him "Triflin' Sam,"
He lives in Birmingham, 'Way down in Alabam'
Now the other night, He had a fight with a gal named Mandy Brymm,
And she plainly stated she was aggravated,
As she shouted out to him:

"Aggravatin' papa, Don't you try to two time me,
I said, don't two-time me!
Aggravatin' papa,Treat me kind or let me be,
I mean, just let me be.

Listen while I get you told,
Stop messin' 'round, sweet jelly roll,
If you step out with a high brown baby,
I'll smack you down and I don't mean "maybe."

Aggravatin' papa I'll do anything you say,
Yes, anything you say.
But when you go struttin' Do your struttin' ';round my way,
So papa,Just treat me pretty,

Be nice and sweet, 'Cause I possess
a forty four that don't repeat,
Aggravatin' papa,
Don't you try to two-time me!"

[Verse 2]
Now I don't mean to scold,
But I must get you told,
Keep flirtin' 'round so bold,
You'll see my love grow cold.

Don't care who she is,Or what she does,
ain't a gal in this here town,
That can love and pet you like your own sweet mamma,
So you'd better throw 'em down:

Now papa,You best be careful,As you can be,
'Cause I can beat you doin' what you're doin' me,


[Verse 3 same as two but with this ending]
Now papa, Once you were steady,
Once you were true,
But papa, now sweet mamma can't depend on you,