Music by D. BRAHAM
Words by J. D. MURPHY, of St. Louis
Original Publication and Copyright 1868 by Oliver Ditson & Co.

Good evening white folks, lend your ears,
And to my song just listen,
I'm here tonight to tell my little story,
And what I have to lucidate
Will make your eyeballs glisten,
So gaze upon Adolphus Morning glory.

There is a charming colored gal,
A blushing sylph of sweetness,
That's thrown a magic spell of love before me,
She's young and lovely as a rose,
A bunch of maiden neatness,
Just suited to Adolphus Morning glory.

Next week I'm going to married be To charming Marianna,
And then my name will live in fame and story,
For I'm go'ng to run for congressman Way down in Alabama,
That's where you'll find Adolphus Morning glory.